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Reported by Ben Watson

High gas prices mean less food for Food Bank

The high prices at the pump are affecting all of us.  It is also impacting donations to those in need and those who help the need.
For the past several months, rising costs have translated into a lot less food at Mid-South food banks.

Officials also point out that they are also having to pay more for gasoline.

It is just another factor that is cutting into the money and other resources The Food Bank gets in donations to feed some 31 Mid-South counties in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.

"So now all the people who are working are having to pay $4 or something for gasoline to try to get to work," President and CEO of The Food Bank Susan Sanford said.  "So we have never had it harder and obviously the clients who are served through our network of emergency food providing programs have never had it harder. Many people who were contributors before and now waiting in the lines for emergency help."

Sanford said that is why they have put out a call for more people and businesses to participate in its annual Operation Feed program. 

The event runs through June, and encourages companies to work with employees to spearhead donation drives for food and money.

Officials at The Food Bank said if donations continue to dwindle, fewer people will be helped at a time when more and more need help.

If you can help, please contact the Food Bank at 901-527-0841.

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