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Reported by Ben Watson

Exonerated man says government is holding out

He served 22 years in prison for rape and robbery. Crimes he did not commit.

Clark McMillan was exonerated thanks to DNA testing.

The government awarded him money for his time, but McMillan claims the state is holding out on him.

Clark McMillian said he walked out of prison and into a life of debt.
"Everybody looking at me and I'm sitting around here struggling, suffering...Can't hardly pay my bills. My wife is sick. Can't afford all her medication," McMillian said.

McMillian said his wife has diabetes and several other ailments.  He wears a leg brace for partial paralysis and all those years behind bars has him taking a number of medications.
"I'm 100 percent disabled," McMillian said.

McMillian said the $250,000 lump sum awarded to him in 2004 is gone.

It paid for a house, medical bills, and living expenses.

He said he gets the remaining $600,000 the state board of claims still owes him in increments of $3,400 a month.

"They know what kind of situation I'm in where I have to beg and plead and this is inhuman. This is worse than being in prison," McMillian said.

McMillian said every time he tried to get the state to give him another lump sum payment from the annuity he gets the run around.
"I can't understand that when you are wrongly imprisoned and get out they want to tell you what you can do with your own money and tell you what you can't do with your money. That's ludicrous," McMillian said.

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