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Reported by Janice Broach

Ford case leaves people wondering about Peete tapes

Edmund Ford, Senior always maintained he did not take any bribes from undercover federal informant Joe Cooper.

A  grand jury agreed by acquitting him. Cooper wore a wire and got recordings that showed him giving Ford almost $9,000 on four different occasions. Ford said they were loans.

"Because the other tapes were so compelling I never dreamed there would not be a not guilty verdict," Cooper said

Those other tapes Cooper is talking about are undercover video of Cooper offering money to former City Council member Rickey Peete who pleaded guilty and is now in prison. 

Those tapes were never shown in court. The question is whether the Peete tapes are more incriminating? Incriminating enough for Peete not to even want to take a chance with a trial.

"They were more direct about money and what we were going to accomplish. The money was asked to be left in the bathroom. Each time I did that the bills were marked so the day of the take down obviously he had it in his pocket," Cooper said

Cooper said at one point Peete seemed to realize he might get caught.

"Rickey knew the handwriting on the wall. He even told me if he got caught he was going to take care of his prison and go on and do his time," Cooper said. 

Cooper said the day Peete was arrested he asked him if he was working for the feds.

"Here I am sitting there wired with video," Cooper said.

Cooper said he just made a joke about it and laughed it off.

Action News 5 tried to talk with Rickey Peete about Ford's acquittal. But he said through a spokesperson at the prison in Montgomery Alabama where he is incarcerated that he does not want to talk about that or anything else.

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