Solving Crimes

Memphis Police who make up the Homicide Squad work seven days a week and a lot of overtime. The Homicide Squad is made up of 16 investigators who are divided up into two teams. "Our work is really dictated to us by the events that are given to us, you know homicides are any kind of mysterious deaths." says Scott.

To solve these mysterious death's detectives depend on computer banks, phone calls, interviews, and good police work. But, in this hi-tech world you might be surprised how they keep up with their workload. They use a dry erase board! "The numbers in red are what come in as mysteries the numbers in black are what they call a smoking gun we know the identity of the suspect." explains Major Mike Quinn.

It takes a special person to be an investigator, someone who can separate work from home. "We try not to let the people get to emotionally involved in any of these cases, because if you do your not going to last long up here." says Major Quinn.

And old cases never die! They are constantly reviewed by staff, by volunteers, or retired detectives who come back to help.