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Reported by Jason Miles

Beaten three-month old has police investigating

A baby boy, severely beaten, is spending the night in the hospital as Memphis Police try to determine who is responsible.

Three-month old Donovan Ashford is in the infant care center. A source said his legs, arms, and collar bones are all broken.

Despite those horrific wounds, child abuse charges have yet to be filed.

Action News Five was there around midnight Monday, shortly after Memphis Police were called to LeBonheur.

A three-month old baby boy was brought in with severe injuries.

"A three month old cannot tell police how he was hurt. So this is a very serious case where we're going to look at finding out how these injuries were sustained," Memphis Police spokesperson Monique Martin said.

The baby was in so much pain, a confidential source said he had be given Morphine just so a nurse could change his diaper.

It is a situation that touches the nerve of even the most hard-nosed police officer.

Memphis Police, along with the department of children's services, are on the case. But so far, no one has been charged.

A knock on the family's home went unanswered. But the boyfriend of the baby's grandmother later told me they had no idea how the child was so severely injured.

My source back at LeBonheur believes they are lying. That a baby with so many broken bones was likely beaten very badly.

Police are not willing to assign blame until the investigation is completed.
"Right now, we don't have a whole lot of information. We just know a baby arrived at the hospital with serious injuries," Martin said.  

If or when the baby is released, he may not be going back home.

Calls to DCS were not returned. Then again, it is a holiday.

Action News 5  will continue to follow the story and the progress of the three-month old boy.

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