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Reported by Lori Brown

Investigators looking into Cordova house fire

A Memphis man is suspected of setting his girlfriend's house on fire.

Memphis Firefighters returned to the Cordova area home Monday afternoon after a hotspot flared up.

The fire that destroyed every room in the house started at 1:00a.m.

Amanda Willhite saw it as she drove home from babysitting.

"Back of the house completely on fire looked like Hindenberg explosion," Willhite said.

The home's roof was torched and six empty gas containers lined the home's driveway.

The woman who lived at the house with her toddler wouldn't discuss the incident.

Neighbor Julia Willhite said she thinks the man who lived at the house may be responsible.

"About a month ago, noticed he set something on fire in the middle of the driveway. Couldn't tell what it was, but that's very odd around here," Willhite said.

Willhite said the home was recently on the market, but the "for sale" sign disappeared after about one month.

"That garage always full of repair equipment...propane and welding equipment," Willhite said.

Willhite said she is thankful the girlfriend and baby made it out of the house okay. She said the man left the scene of the fire.

"Seems very suspicious that a fire of that extent going and he didn't get the neighbors up," Willhite said.

The Fire Department said the fire's cause is under investigation.

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