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Reported by Justin Hanson

Tipton-Rosemark alumni work to prevent school demolition

Tipton Rosemark Academy's alumni and board of directors are trying to raise $200,000 in a month to save the old high school building from the wrecking ball. 

The hallowed halls of Tipton-Rosemark Academy could be leveled if enough money isn't raised. 

"It just wasn't cost prohibitive to put tuition dollars into the old building - it was more than our projectives were going to be," said Tipton-Rosemark Board Chair Jim Craig. 

The school's board of directors decided to demolish the old building because it would cost too much to bring it up to code. 

Some alumni agree with the decision.

"It would cost too much money to maintain it and if you keep it, you have to raise tuition and less students will be coming there," said Rosemark alumnus Tucker Slover.

Some, like Kim Vance, do not.

"Here it is a month before they are going to tear it down and they're letting everybody know - they've given us no time to prepare," said Vance. 

School officials, board members, and alumni of Tipton Rosemark Academy are all working together to try to raise enough money to save this 96 year old building.

"We have 30 days to raise 200,000 thousand dollars as our initial goal," said Tipton-Rosemark Alumni Association member Mark Davidson

Davidson and others hope the entire Mid-South community will rally behind their month-long, fund raising effort.

Molly Hampton with the Rosemark Civic Club said, "The building has drawn people together for years, its what's kept the interest, attracted the interest and for most people, this means Rosemark, this is Rosemark."

A landmark in Rosemark many hope will be around for another one hundred years. 

If you would like to contribute money to help save the old Rosemark school building, you can get donation and contact information by clicking on the link attached to this story.

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