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Reported by Lori Brown

Homeowner claims Memphis police raided the wrong house

A Mid-South homeowner claims Memphis police not only left her with a huge mess to clean up, but embarrassed her in front of her neighbors, all for no reason.

Now, she said Tuesday, she simply wants an apology.

Tuesday, Joselyn Boatwright showed us the damage she says Memphis police officers did to her home when they raided it by mistake.

According to Boatwright, officers dented her door, ruined its frame, and putting a hole in the wall.

"When they came here into my grandbaby's room, they went into the closet and threw clothes everywhere," Joselyn Boatwright said.

Joselyn's son, Sylvester Boatwright was at his mother's home when the raid happened.

Sylvester said he never heard anyone knock, and if he had, he would have been happy to open the door.

"They yelled get down get down, and had me down on the ground in the hallway in handcuffs," Sylvester Boatwright said.

As Boatwright waited in handcuffs, he started to figure out why officers picked the wrong house.

"(They) Kept mentioning a black truck in front of the house," he said. "(There are) several people in the neighborhood with the same identical truck."

Joselyn Boatwright said that was no excuse.

"They should have done their homework and done it thoroughly before busting doors down like they did," she said.

A Memphis Police Department spokesperson said the department did not have a record of the raid, adding that raiding the wrong home is rare.

The spokesperson recommended that the Boatwrights file a complaint about what happened in order to be compensated by the city.

An OCU Commander confirmed a complaint at that location was received on May 23 regarding damages to a door and the complainant was told to contact City Claims.

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