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Reported by Jason Miles

Only on 5: LeBonheur employee talks about possible child abuse case

What happened inside a house on Garland Street before a three-month-old baby boy was brought to Le Bonheur remains a mystery.

"Both the legs broken. Both the arms broken," described a hospital employee.

The baby's injuries are well-documented.  

A Le Bonheur employee who helped treat him is speaking out with our promise to protect her identity.

"If you had seen it, you'd have cried," she said.  "The police officers were holding back their tears."

Action News 5 showed up minutes after police were called to the hospital early Monday morning.  They confirm the baby had multiple broken bones.

"That was really the worst I've ever seen," said the employee.

The employee said the baby had to be given morphine just so his diaper could be changed because he was in so much pain.

"The mom and the boyfriend didn't show any remorse," said the employee.  "Didn't cry or show nothing until the police showed up."

Action News 5 tried to get the family to talk on camera.  The only thing the boyfriend of the child's grandmother would tell us is the same thing they told police: they don't know how the baby suffered such severe injuries.

"The reasons people say what they say. I wish I knew," said Nancy Williams of the Memphis Child Advocacy Center.

Williams does know these cases take time.

"I wish we knew a lot more a lot quicker," she said.

The Le Bonheur employee hopes the child will remain out of harm's way.

"I really don't want the child to go back in the home," she said.

The baby boy is safe and sound, at least for now.

It's up to police and the District Attorney to determine who should be charged with what. 

Meantime, DCS will decide with whom the baby will stay once he is released from the hospital, and that could be a while given the extent of his injuries.

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