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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Bass Pro plan returns

City leaders have confirmed that Bass Pro and the City of Memphis are close to signing yet another deal that would bring the outdoor retailer to The Pyramid.

"There is an offer from Bass Pro for a developmental agreement and the city is reviewing that offer," city council chair Scott McCormick said.

Like past agreements between the city and the retailer, this one comes with complications.

This will be the fourth agreement the city has signed with the outdoor retailer to build a megastore at The Pyramid. The previous three were non-binding and Bass Pro walked away each time. Many hope the fourth time will be a charm.

"As long as there is an interest and we have nothing else pursuing it we ought to continue to explore that interest," McCormick said.

Costs came up at Tuesday's city budget hearing, but the issue of The Pyramid remains unclear.

"We've got to do something with The Pyramid and I don't know if it's sell it, lease to Bass Pro or a third party," said city council member Jim Strickland.

Greg Ericson wanted to spend over $200 million to build an indoor theme park, but pulled his theme park idea several weeks ago. Ericson said he was not given a fair shot, and city and county leaders botched the opportunity.

"They never showed us any audited, documented pieces of paper that showed us that they had the finances," said McCormick.

Ericson insisted the city did not request audited information.

Meanwhile, the city's CFO Robert Lipscomb said he's tired of discussing The Pyramid and refused to discuss the issue -- an issue that's costing city and county taxpayers more than $2 million this year alone.

The overall debt being paid by city and county taxpayers for The Pyramid stands at about $12 million.

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