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Former colleagues react to McClellan memoir

WASHINGTON (AP) - Charges from former press secretary Scott McClellan that the Bush White House manipulated sources of public opinion to the president's advantage have drawn quick reaction from those who know and once worked with him.

Fran Townsend, former head of the White House-based counterterrorism office, told CNN that the McClellan memoir is "self-serving, disingenuous and unprofessional."

In a separate interview with Fox News Channel, former top aide Karl Rove said that if McClellan had moral qualms about the need for the war in Iraq, "he should have spoken up about them." He says he doesn't remember hearing anything from McClellan -- not "a single word."

Former counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke, who also came out with a book critical of administration policy, said he could understand McClellan's thinking. He says he, too, was harshly criticized, adding, "I can show you the tire tracks."

Earlier, White House press Secretary Dana Perino issued a statement saying McClellan "is disgruntled about his experience at the White House," adding, "we are puzzled."


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