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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Ford tries to set the record straight after restaurant altercation

According to witnesses, congressional candidate Jake Ford and a campaign volunteer nearly got into a fight recently at an east Memphis restaurant.

After an Action News 5, Ford said Wednesday he was ready to set the record straight.  Ford said he questions if there is a political agenda behind the incident, and believes it was racially motivated.

"A lot has to do with race. Especially when a gentleman like me cannot eat dinner without someone attacking them because of race," Ford said.  "I just feel that if I had been a white gentleman, there's no way this gentleman would have attacked me," Ford said.

Ford said the real story of what happened got lost in translation.
"I just wanted to clear the air about what actually happened.  I think you all reported there was a fight I was possibly involved in.  There was no fight.  I was literally jumped from behind," Ford said.

Ford claims he became involved in a verbal disagreement about politics with a fellow patron at Fleming's restaurant on Poplar.  The patron was a volunteer for the campaign of Southaven congressional candidate Greg Davis.
"When I repelled the gentleman off of me expecting, the employees or other patrons at this restaurant to get involved, they did.  They got involved, but they jumped on me," Ford said.

Ford wonders if there is a political agenda behind the fact the information is coming out now.

"This happened 29 days ago.  I have not mentioned this or attempted to contact the press. You can even attest to that Kontji, I haven't called you or any other news agency to try this in the court of public opinion.  This is for the courtroom and that is where we're going to address this problem," Ford said.

He said police are looking for his assailant.

Ford is running against incumbent Steve Cohen for Tennessee's 9th Congressional District seat.

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