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Reported by Nick Kenney

Mid-South man speaks out about shooting brother

Randy White was charged with shooting his brother to death with an AK-47. Now, he is speaking out for the first time about what happened and what is next.

"I love my brother dearly," White said. "Two years of a lot of hurt and pain."

One picture means everything to Randy White. It is the last picture he ever took with his brother Robert.

"I would tell him I love him and I'd apologize," White said.

Apologize because Robert is the brother he killed.

"If there was anything I could do to take back this situation, I would," White said.

April, 29th, 2006, Randy showed up at his brother's Kimball Avenue home to show off the brand new AK-47 he just bought from the store.

"It was because I like that gun. But if I could, I wish I had never bought that gun in the first place. I wish they would ban that gun," White said.

After a night of arguing and drinking, the two brothers got into a scuffle over where the AK-47 would stay.

Randy said the gun went off accidentally. Five shots hit Robert and he died in the driveway.

Randy pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, agreeing to serve 10 years in state prison. But he said it is no match for his conscience.

"So I have a lifetime sentence in my heart and in my mind and soul," White said.

And on his forearm, where the tattoo ink is a harsh reminder of a friendship and a brotherhood lost.

"By a person looking at what I just went through, that person should be ready to hug, you know what I mean, kiss their brother everyday," White said.

On June 30th, Randy must report to jail to begin serving his sentence.

He said he wants to apologize to his family and anyone else who may have loved his brother or himself.

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