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Reported by Justin Hanson

Comcast causes trouble for Covington residents and businesses

Since Comcast made the switch at midnight Wednesday morning, many internet and cable customers in Covington are upset with the service. 

Error messages are popping up on computer screens across Tipton County.

When Comcast recently took over cable and internet service, some customers found themselves without service!

"Its a great loss for us," said World Wide Lines President Kim Newell.

Newell runs World Wide lines, a company that makes promotional materials for some thirty thousand customers world wide. 

She says she's losing money because she couldn't get e-mail orders from customers. 
"I'd say anywhere in one day from fifty to one hundred thousand dollars in a day," said Newell.

Others are upset because they weren't notified about the switch. 

Covington banker Sheila Barton said, "We've been unable to service our customers because we have not been able to get service."

Barton is just one of many who had trouble logging on after the switch over.

"Its taken more time to service our customers and we've had to delay some loan closings since we haven't been able to prepare our packages," said Barton.  

Covington resident David Berryman says he can get on the internet but says his e-mail isn't working. 

"They've not been able to tell you when they're going to get it on - we don't know what's next," said Berryman. 

Comcast representatives have been meeting with area residents all week.  Some like businessman Robert Hagewood are optimistic.

"I think this is a bump in the road and after they get everything straightened out, I think everything will be fine," Hagewood said.

Action News 5 contacted Comcast and the company sent us a statement that says in part, "Approximately 5% of the customers experienced some problem due to the initial migration. In the last two days, we have attempted to address all known customers requests related to these issues. We apologize for any inconvenience that this transition has caused and we are pleased that we have been able to resolve all of these problems. "

If you're having a problem with Comcast -- just call their customer service line at 901-259-2225.

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