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Reported by Jason Miles

New information on hunt for serial sex offender

Memphis police are searching for a man they say is a serial sex offender wanted for invading women's apartments on the east side of town.

The serial sex offender's latest victim is only 15.  Friday, she was too upset to talk on camera.

"This guy had molested her," says her boyfriend, John Martin.

He got that disturbing text message early Friday morning.

"And it was urgent I could tell, because it said "John, please call me," he recalls.  "And I knew right then and there that is was really serious," he adds.

The victim says the creep crept into her house through an unlocked window.  I was minutes after her mom left for work.

"I think he needs to die!" says Martin.

Memphis Police want to catch him first.

"And we really need your help," said Major Joe Scott during a Friday afternoon news conference.

Police re-released photos Action News 5 first showed you last week.  They were taken at an ATM machine where the suspect used one of his victim's stolen debit cards.

"We don't know where this person lives," says Det. Monique Martin.  "We don't know where he could be next," she adds.

So far, his crimes have occurred primarily in apartment complexes, both gated and not.  He has robbed, raped, and done both to his victims in a few cases.

"We don't want to underestimate his ability or the acts he can commit," says Det. Martin.

"That's, like, very scary," says Lacedrya Jones.

She lives near the latest crime scene and saw the suspect run away.

"That could ruin somebody's life," she says.  "I mean, for you to have to deal with that," she adds.

She can't imagine what her neighbor went through.  She hopes no one else has to endure it.

Simple advice could keep you from becoming a victim.  Always keep your doors and windows locked.  And if you don't know who is on the other side of the door when you hear a knock -- do not answer it.

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