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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Police say two crimes committed by same person

Police are saying two crimes, one at Starbucks and the other blocks away at a check cashing store, may have been committed by the same person.

It is the most popular Starbucks in the Mid-South. It sits on the corner of Union Avenue and Mclean, and the coffee shop may be connected to more than just lattes and frapachinos.

"Yeah it concerns me," said one patron.  
Investigators said during Wednesday's morning rush hour a starbucks customer was attacked when she came out with a cup of joe.

"The suspect then made threats towards her that he would do bodily harm if she didn't give up the car she complied and gave him the keys," Monique Martin of the Memphis Police Department said.
News of the carjacking traveled fast to caffeine drinkers in the parking lot.

"You wouldn't expect someone being bold enough to walk up to a place like this with lots of people around," Detlef Heck said.
The car stolen was a four door late model tan Chevy Impala.

Detectives said the same one hours later was involved in an attempted robbery and bomb threat at Time Financial Check Cashing Store on Madison across the street from Huey's. 
Officers diverted traffic from the area for hours as bomb officers eventually detonated the package left behind by the person who walked inside, threatened to rob the place, then left the suspicious device behind.

"We know it had an igniting device on it. It was packaged pretty sophisticated," Martin said.

 One criminal responsible for two crimes. Investigators hope to find him before he strikes again.

Anyone with information on both the carjacking at Starbucks and the bomb scare at Time Financial is urged to call Crimestoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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