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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Teen claims he was beaten by Memphis police

A Memphis woman says after police picked up her 14-year old son, he came home with stitches and with a cast.

Darell Briggs was supposed to be at his mother's house by dinner time Wednesday, but he never showed up.
"That's something he don't do, is run off from home and don't come back," Darell's mother, Laquetta Briggs said.

Briggs later learned her son had been taken to Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center, after an altercation he claims he had with Memphis police officers.
"I was consistently being hit in the face, and when I got in the car, I tried to tell him I was going to cooperate, but he just kept banging my head to the door," Darell said.

Briggs said he was at a bus stop on Bellevue when officers began questioning him about a stolen car.   Briggs claims he told officers he didn't know anything about a stolen car, but he panicked.  When he resisted, he wound up with stitches on his chin, a cast on his arm, and a swollen face.  Laquetta Briggs said the officer admitted her son's arrest was a case of mistaken identity.

"He told me that he had him mistaken from a 21-year-old that fit his description, and had the same clothes he had on," she said.

Briggs showed Action News 5 her son's report card from Central High School, where he's made high marks in curriculum and conduct.

"I don't know how to explain that to him. When I tell him to stay away from violence, and violence was acted on him," she said.

Darell Briggs admits if he had remained calm, the officers might have too.  But he and his mother want police to own up to what they say happened.

"I would like for them to step forward and admit to what they've done," Laquetta Briggs said.

In an email, Memphis Police spokesperson Monique Martin said, "The Memphis Police Department will actively investigate allegations of misconduct filed by a citizen regarding a Memphis Police Officer.  At this time, we have not received an official complaint surrounding this incident."

Meanwhile, Darell Briggs has been charged with assault and resisting arrest, and has to show up in juvenile court in two weeks.

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