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Reported by Janice Broach

Woman carjacked at Starbucks tells her story

Memphis police are still looking for the man who tried to rob a Midtown business with a fake bomb.

Investigators said the suspect entered Signature Finance on Madison, demanded money, and then claimed the box he was holding was a bomb.

The man then ran out the door and drove off in a tan Chevy Impala  
Memphis police believe the suspect may have carjacked that vehicle hours earlier at a Midtown Starbucks.

It happened Wednesday morning, a very busy time for the Starbucks. There were not only plenty of customers but also construction workers ten feet away when it happened. The terrified woman said all she wanted was a caramel macchiata.

The woman will never forget the last words she heard from the man who carjacked her Wednesday morning in the back parking lot at this midtown Starbucks.

"He looked back at  me and said remember I got all your information. I will come to your house and I will kill you," she said.

She is hiding her face because she believes the man who carjacked her behind Starbucks will come after her. He has her driver's license, credit cards, and other personal information. He also has her tan Chevrolet Impala. 

She suspects the man she described as nervous targeted her because she had a broken ankle. 

"He came up to the trunk of my car and said M'am can I ask you a questions," she said.

She said no.

"Then he lifted his shirt and showed me the gun. He put his hand on the top of the gun and said I'm not going to hurt you unless you cooperate. Give me everything you have," she said.

The terrified woman did as she was ordered.

"He said, now walk away slowly...don't scream, don't yell, don't call any attention to yourself. Walk away like nothing happened and I won't kill you," she said.

The woman said after she was carjacked she started slowly walking toward the Starbucks, not making any noise because she didn't want to alert the man. She tried to get help from two different people but they didn't seem to know what she was talking about.  Then a woman in the drive through called 911.

The woman said she feels like a prisoner in her own home after her ordeal

"I don't want to drive, that's how bad it was. I fear for my life," she said.
The woman said the man was dressed in a blue and white plaid dress shirt and dark dress pants and a baseball cap. She could not really give a good description of him.  She said he was soft spoken.

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