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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

Bellevue and the SCLC team up to clean up graffiti

Thousands of new hands will are now helping to clean-up graffiti in Memphis and the Mid-South.

For years, the Southern Christian Leadership Council has been asking the faith based communities to join their war against gang activity.  Friday, a massive army joined them in their fight. 

They're putting aside race, creed, and color to take back our neighborhoods. 

Bellevue Baptist church and the Southern Christian Leadership conference joined forces Friday to remove gang graffiti from the city of Memphis and its suburbs.

"We've done a lot of things already in the city and this is just one more opportunity to get involved and we're very excited about that opportunity," Kent Mathis of Bellevue Baptist Church said.

Leaders at Bellevue Baptist contacted SCLC president Reverend Dwight Montgomery and offered their help. 

For years, Montgomery has been leading the charge to eradicate gang activity by erasing the messages they leave behind.

"It has to be a total community effort and concern and we commend Bellevue Baptist because they are well equipped," Montgomery said.

In the coming weeks, church members will begin their summer clean up in the area along American Way near Perkins.

"We will now be able to cover more ground and be more consistent of when its put up we can take it back down," Montgomery said.

Organizers said this community unity sends out an important message. Gang activity is a problem that crosses urban and suburban lines.

The cleanup begins along American Way on June 14th.  On July 12th they move into the Westwood Area.  And on August 23rd there will be a city wide graffiti removal campaign.

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