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Reported by Jason Miles

Repairman mistaken for burglar

A Memphis repairman is upset after being manhandled by an officer who mistook him for a crook.

Charles Jones was replacing a broken window pane at a Raleigh home when an off-duty police officer, believing Jones to be a burglar, pointed a pistol at him and forced him to the ground.

Neighbor Gloria Williams says Jones was working one second and on the ground the next.
"The officer had a gun in his face and held him down and pulled him down," said Williams. "It just scared the wits out of him."
Jones' daughter Jocelyn Henderson, a lawyer, is convinced the officer's actions broke the law.
"My father, by no means, was committing any type of crime," said Henderson. "If it was a regular everyday person, they would be in jail, and they would be charged with assault."
When a police lieutenant arrived at the scene, Jones was offered no apology. He was instead told the officer had every right to act as he did.

Henderson says her father filed an official complaint with Internal Affairs, and that's all Memphis Police will confirm.
"I don't know how to describe it, but he's really not himself...really shaken up over this," Henderson said.
At the very least, Henderson wants the officer reprimanded. Neighbor Wiliams agrees.

"Things can happen, but sometimes you have to stop and ask questions," Williams said. "There should be a protocol to make sure you have the right person." 

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