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Reported by Ben Watson

Snakes showing up across Mid-South

If you haven't seen them yet, keep your eyes peeled. Snakes are showing up in homes and businesses all over the Mid-South.

Maintenance man David Ford said he saw a snake recently outside Downtown's Church on the River.
"They were twisting and winding and twisting and winding," Ford said.

Ford snapped a cell phone picture of the snakes mating on the left side of this tree.  He thinks the snakes are coming from the nearby river and he sees them when he is mowing the church's lawn.
"As the weather is getting warmer more snakes are gonna be active. Their cold blooded as the temperature goes up they are more likely to be out basking and hunting," Deanna Lance of the Memphis Zoo said.

Lance is the zoo's snake handler and said that there are 23 species of snakes around Memphis. But there are only a few that you are likely to see.
"And that's garter snakes and rat snakes which are completely harmless and then also copperheads are fairly common in this area. Especially in areas of patchy woods and that sort of thing," Lance said.

Ford said he has advice if you see a snake.
"Run you know, get out of the way of it," Ford said.

Zoo officials agree.  They said the best thing you can do is leave snakes alone.

"Especially if you can't identify it you don;'T know whether its dangerous or not. Leave it alone. They will move on in their own time. They are not going to come after you or anything like that," Lance said.

Officials at the church said they have already called a wildlife removal service to come and remove the snakes.

It is illegal to kill snakes in Tennessee.  Church officials said they plan to have the snakes released into the wild.

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