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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Year long process comes to end with superintendent selection Tuesday

In less than 24-hours, Memphis City School leaders will select a new superintendent. The year-long process is down to two candidates.

Doctor Kriner Cash, the chief of accountability and system wide performance for Miami-Dade Public Schools.

And Doctor Nicholas Gledich, the Chief Operation Officer of Orange County Public Schools.

Many feel whichever candidate is selected will have his work cut out for him from on day one

Memphis City School leaders are excited about selecting their new leader tomorrow, with new ideas and new energy to address some old and stubborn problems. Problems many say he needs to work on beginning on that first day.

From day one -- the desk for next Memphis city School superintendent will be full of questions, problems, and issues that will need immediate attention.

Dr. Jeff Warren has been on the school board three years and has a vote for the new superintendent.

City Councilman Harold Collins is vice chair of the city's education committee and has a child in the district.

Both have ties to a district coming off a tough year. One that will kick off a new year with about a six percent budget cut.
Also, many are hoping fresh and innovative solutions from one of these two men, Dr. Kriner Cash or Dr. Nicholas Gledich, will solve some persistent problems 

"He needs the parents to really step forward and commit themselves to really be involved in their children's education," council person Harold Collins said. 

"We've got schools that have paint peeling off from walls falling down to roofs leaking we've got schools that need to be built in areas that have rapid population growth," school board member Jeff Warren said.
Tuesday's superintendent selection brings with it lots of excitement and high expectations from a city and its school system in dire need of a strong and committed leader.

The two candidates mentioned during the interview process that their strengths are integrity and transparency. Two character strong points that'll serve one of them well as they work to move Memphis City Schools forward.

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