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Reported by Justin Hanson

Operation FALCON helps capture West Tennessee's most wanted

FALCON stands for Federal And Local Cops Organized Nationally, and it's being considered a success after a week-long round-up for fugitives on the run. 

U.S. Marshals and other West Tennessee law enforcement agents joined forces last week to lock up over one hundred fugitives. 

"These people know that they have outstanding warrants and they're avoiding the law and they're continuing to commit crime and getting these people off the streets is good for our communities," said U.S. Marshal David Jolly.

"It brought more resources and more man power to the operation - better intelligence," said District Attorney Mike Dunavant.

In all, agents arrested 135 felons and cleared 60 active warrants.

"It helps get the bad element off the streets," said Tipton County Sheriff Pancho Chumley. Some of the people that have been in hiding. We had some time to dedicate to try to get them out of hiding and lock them up."

As the rural population expands, agents say partnerships like this will help curb crime.

"We wanted last week to demonstrate our commitment to them and to show them what we can do to assist them," Jolly said.
Efforts like this also clean up courtrooms by helping convict criminals.

"The fair administration of justice cannot occur in the courtroom unless the fugitives that are targeted for these operations are captured," Dunavant said.

Agents say in many cases, tracking down the fugitives was easy. 

"Its kinda like a game to some of them - trying to figure out maybe where they can locate them and the working together is what made it so successful," Chumley said.

This is the third year for Operation FALCON.  Agents say since 2005, the fugitive task force has arrested more than 1,300 felons.

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