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Reported by Ben Watson

Riding MATA offers guaranteed savings

Riding the bus is the one way to guaruntee you savings. But is it feasible and easy for everyone to use?

Whether riding the bus is feasable or not depends on who you talk to.  But its easy to see that for folks trying to save money on gas, hopping on a bus is cheaper than driving your car.

If you want to know about riding the bus just ask Stanley Fason. He made the switch several months ago.

"And the price of gas is so high now that I let my wife take the car to work and then I catch the bus," bus rider Stanley Fason said.

Fason said while riding the bus calls for a little extra time and planning, the savings are a no brainer.

"Well the bus cost $1.50, a gallon of gas cost $4.00. You just do the math and you will see how much I'm saving I'm saving a whole lot," Fason said.

Fason is not the only one making the switch to mass transit.

Mata officials said the rise in riders is a trend that's likely to continue.
"MATA is definitely an option for individuals who haven't ridden the bus in ah Iong time  and were prepared and ready to provide that information to them to assist them in riding," MATA spokesperson Allison Burton said.

Assistance includes a MATA website where you can put in your destination and a computer will tell you what bus to take and when. 
"Well it may be challenging at first but actually the information is very simple we've got it in a very simple format," Burton said.

Similar route advice and information is also available at MATA's customer service phone bank.

Fason, who lives in South Memphis, said he is sold on using the bus.

But he said the bus might not be an option East of the city, where there are fewer stops.

MATA officials said they are looking into expanding routes in the future.

To contact MATA, call (901) 274-6282.

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