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Reported by Nick Kenney

Pool closings affecting those in need of hydro-therapy

Memphis City Pools will stay closed until city officials get the results of the investigation into those two drowning deaths. And while parents and kids may be feeling the heat of not being able to swim on these hot June days, they're not the only ones.

In the heart of Idlewild, massive sprinklers spray down masses of children. Not far away, Melvin Woods fires up the grill wishing the children had a pool to play in.
"You don't want kids dying, but it's hot here," Woods said.

He's not alone, especially here at the Skinner Community Center for individuals with handicaps with an indoor pool.

Just like every other pool across the city of Memphis, it is closed indefinitely. It has been for almost two weeks, ever since two teenagers drowned in other city pools.

But it is different. It's handicapped accessible, completely in line with the American with Disabilities Act. While it's a public facility, this pool is not completely open to the public. Only those with therapeutic or recovery needs may use the pool and only with a doctor's explanation.
"I'm just shocked that they closed that particular pool," Carlene Leaper of ARC of the Mid-South.

Carlene Leaper is the Executive Director of the ARC of the Mid-South, an organization that helps hundreds.

Many need pool therapy and rely upon the Skinner Center.

"There's all of the mobility and specialized equipment there that you're not going to get at the Y. You're not going to get at the local park commission pools that's the only one designed for people with disabilities that's the only one," Leaper said.

Unique but for right now closed just like the rest of them.

City officials still will not say if or when the public pools will re-open for business.

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