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Reported by Ben Watson

Cheapest gas in America found here in Mid-South

You can get the cheapest gas in America right here in the Mid-South.

It is the gas price that makes you look twice. Cheapest in America according

And the lower than most cost has drivers going out of their way to fill up.

"Ah we started to go across the street because of the waiting line, but when we realized the price we decided to turn around." motorist Neil Freeman said.

For Iziah Nixon this price was right on time. He coasted to the Pilot station.

"I ran out of gas on the expressway and coasted down the off ramp and came over here and bought gas to put in my tank," driver Iziah Nixon said.

From cars pulling boats to mobile homes, drivers scrambled to take advantage of the lower than most price.
And while customers said $3.69 a gallon is low, they say its nothing like the good old days.

"When I started buying gas I can remember paying 20 cents for gas, 20-cents a gallon for gasoline," one motorist said.

And while no one expect prices to get down to 20-cents again, drivers said they will keep looking for bargains like the one at the Pilot station.

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