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Reported by Nick Kenney

Former Beale Street guard faces new assault charge

A former security guard accused of fracturing the skull of a Beale Street patron is now charged with two counts of attempted second-degree murder following a road rage incident.

Memphis police say 22-year-old Dray Davis was in one of two cars that pulled up next to each other after a disagreement last week.

Monday, victim William Jennings was still stuck on his sofa, in pain and in disbelief over the bizarre case of what he called road rage that led to his current condition.

"Got broken bones here," he said. "My hip.  My thumb.  My shoulder is where he burnt rubber getting off of it."

Jennings suffered his injuries Wednesday night on Jackson Avenue.  According to Jennings, he was riding in his sister's SUV when another car pulled alongside them.  A female passenger in the SUV started yelling at Jennings, who yelled back at her boyfriend.

"I asked the dude, "What's up with your broad disrespecting me?  I haven't said nothing to her or disrespected her.  I don't know her.  She doesn't know me.'"

Both cars stopped on Jackson, near Mayfair.  Preparing for a fight, Jennings exited the SUV.  It was then, he said, that the other driver gunned his car and slammed into him.

"I went up in the air," Jennings said. "They said I flipped three times.  I came back down on my knees.  My face hit the concrete."

Jennings said the other driver then sped off.  Two days later, according to police, the suspect turned himself in to face two counts of attempted murder.  His name was Dray Davis.

Last summer, Davis was charged with fracturing a 51-year-old man's skull and ribs during an argument on Beale Street.

Jennings was able to identify Davis as the driver in a photo lineup.  In the affidavit of complaint from Jackson Avenue, Davis claimed he reacted in self defense.  Jennings wasn't buying it.

"Justice got to do what they got to do," he said.

Jennings went back to the hospital this afternoon after coughing up blood. His brother also got hit by that same car, but his injuries were are not as severe.

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