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Reported by Ben Watson

Which tomatoes are considered safe?

With concerns of Salmonella linked to certain types of tomatoes, the big question is which tomatoes are considered safe to eat?  

The FDA ruled tomatoes grown in Tennessee and Arkansas were not linked to the salmonella outbreak, meaninng Tennessee tomato growers could cash in on the tomato scare.

In downtown Memphis at Courthouse Deli, senior cook Brad Peden takes a "bite" in an attempt to prove that you don't have to worry about the tomatoes his restaurant puts on sandwiches.

"Like the information that I've gotten is that every one that's come out of Florida has been cleared by the FDA. So that all I use is Florida tomatoes," Peden said.
We checked the FDA's website and it said that only tomatoes that have been issued a certificate by the Florida department of Agriculture and consumers services are safe.

Peden said his tomatoes have the proper approval.

Experts at the local health department said tomatoes from Ripley and other home grown locations are also safe to eat along with varieties like grape and cherry tomatoes and tomatoes with the vine still attached.

Officials said the tomatoes you do not want to eat right now include the red plum, the red roma, and the red round tomatoes.  Peden said fear of salmonella contamination has a lot of customers paying attention.

As for the Mid-South woman who got sick after eating tomatoes, health department officials say she was treated and released from the hospital. 

They declined to identify her but say an investigation is going on right now to try and find out more about the tomatoes that made her sick and how she came in contact with them.

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