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Reported by Justin Hanson

Tipton County island community feels safer with police presence

It's actually a small island on the Arkansas side of the river that's still considered part of Tipton County.  And even though deputies aren't going to man the new island substation full time, they hope a presence there will help deter crime. 

Centennial Island is home to over sixteen thousand acres of fertile farmland and less than 10 people.

"Oh, its just wonderful," said island resident Sissy Tipton.

Tipton and her family have lived and worked on the island since 1836, but have never had police patrol the area before.
Now there's a new Tipton County Sheriff's substation just West of the Mississippi River.

"It makes me feel safe," said Tipton.

The building and property for the station were donated by two island families. 

"I love the Sheriff's Department. I wanted them to have a nice place to come," said land owner Teasie Wunderlich.

"We have a place to use the phone and do some paperwork and to form a partnership with Sheriff Meadows in Mississippi County and its just really something.  Its just really nice.  Its something we've never had before," said Tipton County Sheriff Pancho Chumley.

The new substation has a living area and office and Mississippi County deputies will also use the space.

"The more presence we have here the less crime we'll have.  And if they learn someone's going to be here in a hurry, yeah, they'll stay off the island. Sometimes someone can get carried away and a little inebriated and they would love to see the sheriff show up," said Mississippi County Sheriff Leroy Meadows.

Tipton County deputies will not be patrolling the island every day. Their presence will depend on resident complaints and narcotic enforcement.

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