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Reported by Ben Watson

Vespa offers relief at the pump for Mid-South man

If you cannot afford to fill up your car but you're not ready to ride your bicycle to work yet, one Mid-South man may have a solution to help overcome that pain at the pump.

For him, the answer was something called a Vespa. It is an Italian made scooter that gets 75-miles per gallon.

Brown lives in Millington and rides his Vespa all the way to his office in downtown Memphis.
"It's 17 miles one way and I drive on Highway 51 with the rest of them," Brown said.

And it seems everywhere he goes people come up and tell him he got just the right thing for battling high gas prices.

Brown's Vespa only holds two gallons of gas, but on those two gallons he can go 150 miles. And besides the incredible savings, Brown said his Vespa is also a lot of fun.
"It's a blast. It's fun to ride to work.  I've got a backpack.  I carry my laptop and everything. I just strap it on the seat behind me here and ride to work," Brown said.

Brown bought his scooter three years ago because of rising gas prices.  He says Vespas are already a big hit in Italy where gas runs up to 10-dollars a gallon.

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