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Reported by Nick Kenney

Fullilove speaks about life following accident

Memphis City Councilwoman Janis Fullilove is talking only to Action News 5 for the first time since we revealed she may have lied to get a driver's license.  

At row's end, city councilwoman Janis Fullilove is back on the job. Back in city council chambers.

"I'm doing the best that I can. I'm not 100 %. But I'm getting there," Fullilove said.

Getting there after a rocky few months.

She spent time in the hospital for a back injury.

"Still having trouble with my spine. Still difficulty walking. Start therapy next week," Fullilove said.

The pain is the result of an early May car wreck in Tunica County, Mississippi. Fullilove is accused of running a red light and broad siding another car.

A month-and-a-half earlier, in late March, she was arrested in DeSoto County for suspicion of drunk driving.

Police confiscated her drivers license when she refused a sobriety test. But according to paperwork first obtained by Action News 5, Fullilove applied for a new Tennessee license four days after her arrest.

She claimed her old one was "lost."

Any charges regarding her license would come from District Attorney General's Bill Gibbons office. Fullilove said she has not heard from him.

"He was in our presence today. I smiled at him. He smiled at me. That was the extent of it. I certainly wouldn't do anything unethical and ask him 'well Attorney Bill Gibbons, what's the status?' So right now, I know I've done nothing wrong," Fullilove said.

While she waits, Fullilove said she will stick to the issues affecting the city rather than the issues affecting her driving record.

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