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Reported by Ben Watson

Mid-Southerner turns to Smart Car to beat high gas prices

Mid-Southerners who want to keep driving but still ease the pain a the pump are trying something new. Something called the Smart Car. It is big in Europe, and now this little car is making it big here.

U.T. Professor Gabor Tigyi has one.

The highway fuel economy is about 45 miles plus to the gallon.

The small car holds 8 gallons of gas.

And everywhere Dr. Tigyi drives, people ask questions.
"Get tremendous attention and people on the road started taking pictures of me with cell phones and whenever I pull over and stop ah there's always a crowd asking where did you get it what kind of car is it.  Is it electrical or gas," smart car owner and UT professor Gabor Tigyi said.

On a spin around the block, Tigyi moved through traffic with ease.  His car can reach speeds up to 90 miles per hour. Tigyi said it fun driving one of the smallest cars ever made.

"I don't think I feel insecure driving in city traffic because for one the car is very mobile and has a good pick up and knowing that it has a 5 star crash rating gives me peace of mind," Tigyi said.

Tigyi paid just over $16,000 for his car, but many smart cars cost around $13,000 each.

The only Tennessee dealership selling them right now is in Knoxville. Tigyi said it was worth the trip.

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