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Reported by Lori Brown

Deputies use web site in prostitution investigation

Mid-South investigators are taking a closer look at an internet website after a huge prositution bust.

An ad on the website "" that led Shelby County Sheriff's Deputies to a prositution and drug business last week wasn't the only ad of its type posted by Mid-South women. 

Monday, it didn't Action News 5 long to find several ads that seemed like red flags for law enforcement.

Shelby County Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Shular said in many ways, ads like these help law enforcement catch crooks.

"Years ago, people did this by telephone or word of mouth," Shular said. "Now, people are more bold (and) place an ad on the internet, wide open for anyone else."

The internet also allows investigators to communicate directly with potential criminals.  The ads have seductive photos and leave the impression that the customer can get more than just a massage.

One ad we found Monday promised a full body massage with much more.

The woman in one ad said she would not take calls from the ad around her kids.

"Anything that appears suspicious - we may have our deputies look into it, and then take quick action like they did last week," Shular said.

Shular said the investigations are about more than catching prostitutes.

"Prostitution is often connected to other criminal activity, in this case, narcotics," Shular said.

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