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Reported by Lori Brown

New law notifies parents if their college student is caught drinking

If you drink underage and get caught, state colleges and universities have to tell your parents, according to a new state law.

Tennessee is the first state in the country to adopt the law, which requires colleges to notify parents when their children are caught drinking or doing drugs.

Wednesday at the University of Memphis, students said the law will make them think twice.  It is something many parents say is great.

"Sooner we know what's going on, sooner can help them," parent Joyce Lubin said.

Lubin is the mother of two college students.  She said parents are still providing financially for their children when they're under 21 so she said parents should have the right to know what they are kids are up too.
"These children are not grownups when we send them off to college," Lubin said.

Lucreita Dent, mother of a 15-year-old, agrees that parents should know.

"It will make them think twice about what they're about to do in the next hour or two, Dent said. "I know I wish I'd had something like that in my life."

Several college students agreed it would make them think twice about drinking.

"I'm really scared of my parents, so if they knew, I'd think twice about doing it," student Teresa Ung said.

Student Jareett Shipp said the law violates a student's right to privacy, since you are legally an adult at age 18.

"At that age, I think you're valuable. "You're able to vote.  You should be able to do any independent decisions," Shipp said. 

The law takes effect immediately and only applies to students under age 21.

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