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Reported by Nick Kenney

Family speaks out about alleged run-in with officer

Officer Bridges McRae Officer Bridges McRae

A member of a local family that claims they had a violent run-in with the same officer involved in the jailhouse beat down spoke out Tuesday.

Surveillance video first aired by Action News 5 last week shows Memphis Police Officer Bridges McRea repeatedly striking a suspected transgendered prostitute inside the booking area at the Shelby County Jail.

Myrtle Lloyd's son Kirby was arrested on December 19, 2005 in front of her house.  Lloyd claims McRae arrested her son, Kirby, on false charges, and that he used excessive force.

"He was handcuffed when he pushed him to the ground," she said. "He said his face caught all of it."

Kirby Lloyd went to the hospital, racking up a $732 bill.  The Lloyds snapped pictures of the scars on his face and knees, and then filed a complaint with Memphis Police.

An Internal Affairs investigation found no wrong doing - that the complaints were "not sustained."

According to the Lloyds, police alleged Kirby was resisting arrest, but neighbors who witnessed the arrest told them otherwise.

"Mr. Musey - he done moved now. He said it wasn't no struggle." Myrtle Lloyd said. "Kirby wasn't resisting no arrest."

In November of 2006, the Lloyds filed a $300,000 lawsuit against the city, the mayor, and two police officers, including McRae.  A judged dismissed the suit last July, and it is now on appeal.

Since the jailhouse video surfaced, "this will make a strong case with everybody coming forward," Myrtle Lloyd said.

Lloyd's sister, Kim Merrell, was also arrested that night. She filed suit as well, also asking for $300,000.  Her case was also dismissed, and is also on appeal.


Kirby Lloyd case:

Kim Merrell case:

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