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Reported by Lori Brown

Police questioning suspects following drive-by shooting

Police questioned two suspects Tuesday as three people, including a baby, recovered after a drive-by shooting.

In the past thirty days, there have been eight drug arrests, a burglary, and a theft in the southwest Memphis neighborhood where the shooting happened.

People who live in the neighborhood said they no longer feel safe on their own street.

"Sad you're not able to be in your own backyard now, people have no regards for life," neighbor Gloria Johnson said.

Johnson is a grandmother of seven and has lived in this neighborhood on Fiber Street for 22 Years.  She said it has changed since she moved there in 1986.

"People don't love each other anymore. Not concerned about each other like they used to," Johnson said.

Bryant Hinds said a three-month-old boy getting shot in a drive-by shooting on the street is a sign things are reaching a breaking point in the neighborhood.
"It's ridiculous because it could have been my child," Hinds said.

Hinds is the father of a two year old and a five year old. He said he tries to keep them inside because of all the drug users in the neighborhood.

"Every corner you turn on as far as the junkies concerned," Hinds said.

He said police need to patrol the neighborhood more.

"We need more police officers we don't hardly see them around here to tell you the truth," Hinds said.

Johnson said she would also like to see more police officers in the neighborhood, but she said that would only address part of the problem.

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