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Reported by Jason Miles

Only on 5: "McBeating" caught on tape

He came to the Cordova McDonald's early Monday for a late-night bite.

"Two hamburgers, two apple pies, and a small fry," says Chris Ash.

What Ash says he got was a "whopper."

"I just felt a punch from behind and got knocked to the ground," Ash recalled.

But his beat-down hardly compares to what another customer got.  Ash caught everything on his video camera.

"At first, I thought it was going to be something funny on video, but then it got serious," said Ash.

Ash says the guy seen in the video beating another man actually broke in line in the drive-thru lane.  He says the victim simply wanted to know why.

"If there was going to be a fight -- it should have been the other way around," said Ash.

But he says the victim was in no shape to fight.

"He had just had jaw surgery and was blind in one eye -- so, he just didn't have a chance, you know?" said Ash.

Moments after the initial punch, you can see the victim repeatedly pummeled in the parking lot.  The suspect's friends refuse to break it up.

"One of his friends was smart enough to tell him to stop -- but it didn't happen," recalled Ash.

The guys took off in their pick-up truck without ordering.  But not before pushing Ash to the ground.     

"I mean, I've seen drunk bar fights downtown," said Ash.  "But that was just random violence," he added.

He hopes what he caught on camera helps catch the thug and his friends.

Memphis Police are investigating.  Call Crime-Stoppers at 901-528-CASH if you know anything.

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