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Reported by Joe Birch

Taking Back Our Neighborhood: Maximum Security Patrols

Maximum Security patrols along Winchester, passing more than a few empty buildings with For Sale or Lease signs.

"We want everybody to stay and that we're going to do the best we can to make sure that businesses are protected and they're safe here in Hickory Hill," owner of Maximum Security Damien Dodson said.

The patrol cruises nightly from 11 o'clock until 6 in the morning along the three mile stretch of Winchester between Riverdale and Mendenhall.

The extra eyes and ears come free to Winchester Road businesses courtesy of World Overcomers, the church that wants its neighbors to stay put here in Hickory Hill!

"Their number one concern is crime. Several of the businesses have been broken in and as you know, a lot of the businesses have departed the area and gone east or they have gone in other places," Apostle Alton R. Williams of World Overcomers said.

World Overcomers is the mega-church at Winchester and Kirby Parkway, noted for the so-called Statue of Liberation Through Christ. Now the church wants freedom from crime and has put its money where its mouth is. They are paying $51,000 a year for Maximum Security to patrol neighboring businesses each night:

"People don't want to come to areas they feel are high crime ridden, even to churches you know. People think about their cars and all that so, this is our way of trying to help everybody concerned: the neighborhood as well as the business community and the church as a whole," Williams said.

Problem is, many business owners are unaware these free security patrols are available.

The church doesn't charge, but needs business owners or managers to sign a clearance that allows Maximum Security to be on their property.

They said it is just their way to take back their neighborhood.

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