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11-year-old boys involved in Shelby County burglary ring

Carol Macklin showed us a recently repaired window where a pre-teen crime spree started.

"Ridiculous, isn't it?" she asked.

Her house was the first targeted by two 11-year-old boys, with help from a 13-year-old accomplice.

"They need to be punished, it's ridiculous," said Macklin.

Shelby County Sheriff's investigators say the boys broke into more than a dozen homes in the Northaven neighborhood where they live in just the last three weeks. 

Macklin has some advice for their parents. "Watch your children! You need to pay more attention to your children!" she said.

Those children are accused of smashing windows in order to seize X-Boxes, computers and other expensive electronics.  

Detectives confirm the pre-teens actually told them they considered mowing lawns to make money, but they determined burglary paid better.

"As they can see from this case, crime doesn't pay," said Shelby County Sheriff's Office spokesman Steve Shular.

Shular says police are working harder than ever to form alliances with churches and other neighborhood groups to keep kids busy and away from the temptation of crime this summer.

"And a lot of that comes to the one big magic word: boredom," said Shular.

The kids were identified after a homeowner caught them on a homemade surveillance camera. 

"It's summertime. They need something to do other than roam the streets," said Macklin. 

Deputies busted two other burglary rings this week, arresting five adults.

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