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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Group works to increase security in Midtown Memphis

A Mid-South woman says she was the victim of a crime in broad daylight, along busy Union Avenue in a post office parking lot.

Jewell Parker said it was 7:45 in the morning when she made a routine stop at the Union Avenue Post Office.
"When I got in my car, I realized I had sat in glass," she said. "They had shattered my passenger side window."

Her purse and briefcase were gone, along with her sense of safety.

"The first response I got was, 'It happens all the time,' and I was devastated.  Then later, I was told that they're singling out the women," she said.

Jewell noticed an 80's model white van with two men inside.  Though the men didn't leave any fingerprints, she said, the memory of their faces is seared in her mind."

"A second earlier, it's no telling what else would have happened," she said.

Now, State Representative GA Hardaway is trying to get the post office to fix its surveillance cameras.

"Some people can't go out of their front door and go to the mailbox," Hardaway said. "Now we're talking about the post office."

Tom Wilemon, of the newly formed Midtown Security Community, is helping to link Midtowners in the name of safety.  The group has already raised more than $6,000 for a Midtown bike patrol.  The group has an email network, and they meet regularly.

"We get together on a regular basis in a one-hour meeting that's very organized," Wilemon said. "We share ideas on how to keep from being crime victims."

Wilemon said all are welcome.

"Hopefully, (with) Miss Jewell and her incident, as tragic as it is, some good will come of it," he said.

The Midtown Security Community will hold its next meeting on August 13th at 5pm, at the Memphis Heritage Office at 2282 Madison.

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