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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Wal-Mart looks to unveil new look in Memphis

Rendering of the proposed store Rendering of the proposed store

The country's most popular big-box retailer has its sights set on Memphis to unveil a new look.

If the community allows it, Wal-Mart would introduce a new look at a store at Macon Road and Houston Levee. It would be the first location of its type in the country.

The new Wal-Mart would go on the 26 acre lot at the Northwest corner of Macon and Houston Levee. Shelby County Planning and Development Director Chip Sabila said Friday the superstore applied for an application to unveil it's new prototype at the location.

"It's apparently a new look for Wal-Mart, not only in building design, but in logo," Planning and Development Director Chip Saliba said.

The 152,000 square foot facility with 765 parking spaces appears more organic.  The new dressed up logo has white letters and a white star burst on an orange background instead of the traditional blue and gray.

"They've got better use of colors than in the past.  A lot more brick than the concrete block that they used to use," Saliba said.

But, even Planning and Development shares concerns of nearby residents.

"That's the big question still.  Would something like this be compatible with the neighborhood," Saliba said.

The big question is the west end of the property, near where residents live.  But Wal-Mart said it would put in a berm and evergreens to buffer the impact.

Planners would have to work through traffic issues and concerns about property depreciation.  Some who oppose the new Wal-Mart are suggesting an alternate location at the 385 and Highway 64 interchange

The Land Use Control Board will hold a public hearing July 10.

Whether it's approved or rejected, it can be appealed to the City Council or County Commission within 10 days of the hearing.

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