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Reported by Lori Brown

Bear spotted in Horn Lake

Wildlife experts believe the black bear spotted recently in a Tunica neighborhood is the same bear that turned up in Horn Lake late this week.

Friday morning, a group of surveyors in Horn Lake said they came eye to eye with the animal.

"(I was) just surveying, looked up, (and saw) a bear crossing the tracks," William Aiken said.

"I thought, 'Oh man, let me get back in the truck," Alarone Williams added.

"The men said they got a good look at the bear when he stopped and started at them.

"He looked like he was frightened," Williams said. "Went off in the woods."

Horn Lake Police went out to search for the bear, who experts think is female, but she was already gone.  Witnesses said the bear would likely stand four or more feet high.

Before the bear ran off, Williams said, he noticed something on her.

"A big black collar - like a dog collar," he said.

According to the Mississippi Wildlife Department, the collar is a tracking device, which likely means she was relocated to help a bear populations somewhere else.  Experts said she was probably trying to find her old home when she got lost.

Unfortunately, officials said, even with the proper detection equipment, the tracking device only works within a mile of the animal.

Thus far, the bear has not threatened anyone, but officials say if you do spot him, you should notify police.

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