Former medical examiner comments on Lester Street autopsies - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Reported by Kontji Anthony

Former medical examiner comments on Lester Street autopsies

Former Shelby County Medical Examiner O.C. Smith says the autopsies from the Lester Street Massacre, released Thursday, raise just as many questions as they answer.

"I think we have our suspect," was what Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin said Thursday about Jessie Dotson, the lone suspect in the massacre.  But Smith raised several questions after looking over the victims' autopsy results.

"The questions of 'could one person do this' is going to be in everybody's mind," Smith said.  "And then that's going to beg the question, 'did anybody?'  Can we prove that somebody else was there through the DNA?"

Smith says prosecutors and defense attorneys will need hundreds of man hours to assemble this puzzle for court.

"It's not what you think.  It's what you can prove," he said.

With investigators convinced Jessie Dotson - alone - killed his brother, three other adults, and two children, Smith says the autopsy reports raise questions.

"If one person does this, what could possibly be a sufficient motive to cause this much injury and death?" he asked.

Smith also wonders why one of the women was found with her pants down, and how Dotson alone gained control of such a hectic scene.

"You've got a total of at least 20 gunshots fired in there," he said. "You've got one child stabbed seven times. You've got another child that's stabbed once lethally, but has several skull fractures, and then you've got the other children that were assaulted that survived."

Smith wonders if only one person caused so much violence with more than one weapon, what could have impaired the victims from defending themselves, and how long could such a heinous act take to carry out?

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