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Reported by Justin Hanson

Animal shelter overcrowding is leading to euthanization

Volunteers at the Tipton County animal shelter euthanize some 30 to 40 animals every week simply because they just don't have enough room at the shelter to keep them.

The sign outside the shelter says abandoning animals is unlawful.  Inside, many of those abandoned animals are being put to sleep on a weekly basis.

"If the animal is not adopted and we're facing issues of 70 to 80 calls per week at times we have no choice but to seek alternatives," said Tipton County public works director Shannon Reed. 

Shelter employee Shane Hooks is one of the ones who euthanizes the animals.

"Just because of space - space and we have no where to put them," Hooks said.

Hooks says the shelter can hold around 70 dogs and cats - but at any given time, there are over 80 inside.

Shelter employees say the overcrowding can be controlled by helping limit the pet population.

"It's a constant battle everyday trying to pick up dogs and have to euthanize them and no body wants to do the right thing getting them spayed and neutered," Hooks said.

Animal activists say shelter overcrowding is a nationwide problem that should concern everyone in the community.

"Its adopting, volunteering, its organizing adoption events, its sponsoring pets in the local newspapers," said animal advocate Michelle Buckalew.

Animal shelter employees say they're looking for any way possible to adopt more of their animals out to keep them from being put to sleep. 

The Tipton County Animal shelter says several rescue groups help them in adopting animals but there are NO organized adoption events. 

For more information on the shelter, call them at 901-837-5919.

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