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Reported by Justin Hanson

Tipton County couple saves money by carpooling to work

As gas prices continue to rise, many Mid-Southerners are looking for any and every way to save a few bucks. 

One Tipton County couple says carpooling to work is working for them. 

The sky is still dark outside when Ron and Jody Saylors get up out of bed at their Tipton county home.

Inside, the two finish breakfast before driving to their jobs at FedEx.

What makes them so special you ask?

"We can save between 450 dollars, probably a little more than that by carpooling every month," said Jody Saylors.

Ron works four, 10 hour days Sunday through Wednesday at the FedEx hub.
Jody works five, 8 hour days Monday through Friday at the FedEx headquarters. 

In order to save money, the couple carpools to work three days a week, alternating between their Volkswagen Bug and diesel truck.

It's almost like getting our car for free. That's the way we look at it. We're getting a free car," said Ron Saylors.

When they carpool, Jody has time to kill in the afternoons before picking her husband up. 

The afternoons I have, I just go shopping, buy groceries. I've got an hour between the time I get off till the time he gets off,' Jody said.

Their route takes them from Tipton county to Highway 385.  There, they get on Interstate 40 and travel to I-240.  Then, they get off at Lamar and go to Democrat where Jody drops her husband off at the hub.  She then takes Tchulohoma to Winchester, then Winchester to Hacks Cross at FedEx World headquarters. 

And even though they sacrifice some of their time waiting for each other --  the 70 mile trip saves the Saylors some of their cash.

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