Action News 5 in High Definition - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Action News 5 in High Definition

On July 2, 2008 during Action News 5 at 5pm, WMC-TV 5 presented the Mid-South's first newscast in High Definition.

WMC-TV 5 has long been the Mid-South's leading television station.  Its rich history includes being the first television station to broadcast in the state of Tennessee, the first station in the Mid-South to report live via satellite, and the first to use a helicopter for news coverage.

That leadership takes on a new meaning with the launch of the area's first High Definition newscast.  WMC-TV 5's high definition launch was accompanied by a station-wide graphics and equipment overhaul, highlighted by brand new, state-of-the-art High Definition studio cameras. 

Viewers will also notice a dramatic difference in Action News 5's weather technology.  Action News 5's StormTrack Doppler 5, combined with the exclusive Vipir 5 Tornado Indicator (VTI), will give early warning of storms to viewers.

Action News 5 will bring viewers information about approaching weather systems in the highest resolution of any station in the Mid-South, and will be able to warn viewers of danger with unrivalled accuracy.

Viewers without a High Definition television can still watch Action News 5 newscasts as they always have on any Standard Definition television.

For more information about High Definition and digital television, click here.

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