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Teachers worry cut in funding could affect union's contract

Memphis City Schools is dealing with a funding crisis after the city slashed more than $ 60 million from the district's budget.

The Executive director of the Memphis Teachers Union said if the cuts go through and the district loses state and federal funding, MCS would not honor the union's contract. 

According to the Memphis Education Association, that would mean teachers would not get raises. Certain classes like music, art, and Spanish could also be on the chopping block and insurance premiums would shoot up. Some teachers could also get pink slips.

Right now, union leaders said the school system might want to make cuts or not give raises but they insist their contract needs to be honored.

"We have a negotiated agreement and the school district needs to do what it needs to do around that negotiated agreement," Ken Foster of the Memphis Education Association said.

That would mean teachers would get two percent raises and insurance premiums would stay the same.

Like the Memphis city school board, the teachers union is waiting to see what comes out of an injunction hearing filed against the city in Chancery Court.

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