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Reported by Lori Brown

Autopsies explain deaths at Memphis pools

Two teenagers died at seperate Memphis City Pools on the day they opened last May.  Now, autopsy reports explain how Cameron Hogg and Demavious Bailey died at Pine Hill Community and Westwood Pools.

The autopsy for Demavius Bailey concludes that he drowned and that it was an accident, but the same cannot be said for how Cameron Hogg died.

A simple summer day at the pool turned deadly for Hogg on May 31st.  In his autopsy, the Shelby County Medical Examiner concluded his cause of death "could not be determined"

Part of the mystery is why he had so much internal bleeding, losting a 1/2 liter of blood.

The autopsy said the likely possibility was the resuscitation attempt, but the amount of blood was more than the examiner would expect to see.

The report also says blunt force injury from another source cannot be ruled out.
On the same day Hogg lost his life, at almost the same time, Demavius Bailey lost his.

According to the autopsy report, his death is not a mystery. It was an accident.

While initial reports said someone jumped on him, causing him to hit his head on the wall, the examiner found no evidence of a traumatic head injury.  Instead, the report concludes that he reportedly jumped from a diving board and did not know how to swim.

The report said the death resulted from drowning and was an accident.

Demavius Bailey's step-father said that Bailey did know how to swim.  He also said there are two witnesses who saw a lifeguard playing around and jump in on top of Bailey.

The family has hired an attorney.

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