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Reported by Nick Kenney

Thieves stealing gas from U-Haul trucks

Gas prices are so high, Mid-South thieves are now stealing it from U-Haul trucks.

They are siphoning gallons out of full tanks.

Inside Davis Auto Repair, Jerome Davis has the cure for bad gas.

The Cadillac and the Mazda: two cars on the lot needing engine work as a result of getting it.

Davis said he believes the price of gas has been inversely related to the quality.

While high gas prices might help one part of his business, they are hurting another.

Davis is also a U-Haul dealer. He typically rents just one truck.

"I've had gas stolen out of it three times," Davis said.

Davis' U-Haul isn't unique. The store on Mendenhall reports between $700 and $1,000 per week in stolen gas.

In Southaven, nearly $400 of gas disappears per week.

At the store in West Memphis, it is the same story.

The problem is the trucks are parked out in the open air. If you rent one, you gotta fill it before you return it.

Opportunistic thieves know that and will siphon the gas right out of the trucks right where they're parked.

As a small business, Davis changed his plan...

"And now I mainly try to keep a one way truck so they bring them to me as I need 'em and hopefully they're gone the same day," Davis said.

Managers at one U-Haul shop said the siphoning problem started two years ago, when gas was less than it is now.

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