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Jarvis Greer

Big Raises for Vols Coaches... BIG Raises!

Folks on the Hill in Knoxville want to keep their Football and Basketball coaches around for a while..

Like through the year 20-14..

And they're shelling out some Big Bucks to do it.

Tennessee Football Coach Phil Fulmer's deal is worth an average on almost $3-Million Dollars a year over the next 7-seasons...

His raise, about $1-Million Bucks, makes him the 4th highest paid coach in the Southeastern Conference.

To break it down, Fulmer will get $2.4 Mill for the upcoming season...escalating up to $3.3 Million in 20-14 with automatic raises of $150-thousand annually.

And Hey, that's not all..

Fullmer gets raises for meeting certain goals..

$350-grand for winning the SEC..

$850-K for a National Championship..

And a Cool $1-Million Dollar Longevity Bonus in December of 20-12, his 20th anniversary as UT Head Coach.

UT Basketball Coach Bruce Pearl won't be a pauper by any stretch..

Previously signed through the year 20-13, Pearl gets more than a $1-Million Dollar boost to his Pay, to an average of $2.3 Million a year.

That includes a $250-thousand Dollar Bonus, and something they're calling an upfront "retention" Bonus of $1.5 Million.

Now, if Pearl chooses to Leave the Vols in the next 5-years, he'd owe a buyout that starts at $2 and a half Million Bucks.

Pearl led the Vols to the best season in UT history last year, a 31-and-5 record, the first outright regular season SEC Title in 41 years..and a second straight NCAA Sweet 16 appearance.

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